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Deepshikha Balwani

Business Coach & Life Coach

I am Deepshikha Balwani, A life coach, energy healer, my passionate shifting energies/life, we help people expending their Consciousness

The way to be secure in this world, attain the highest level of Consciousness, we offer 90 days transformation journey, (Abundance program 0.2) journey is an effort to get you connected to yourself so you can learn to receive more.

In my last 15 years of practice healing coaching people, I basically found no- awareness to self is the basic reason for all human suffering. If you live with a high level of self-awareness, there is nothing can stop you to be who you want to be and create all your desire with ease.


Viji Murthy Parekh
Founder - AVKA
Bijender Saini
Praveen Sathiakumar

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Deepshika is a walking talking manifesto! Her energy, knowing and being is so so so powerful and her wisdom is beyond. The examples she uses, the knowledge she shares is from real life. If you know her or connected with her, never miss an opportunity to get coached by her! And she makes it even more worthwhile, it’s a Lifeskill and she gives you more than what she promises or can do!
Viji Murthy Parekh
Founder - AVKA
I travelled all the way from Nagpur to take these phenomenal healing bar sessions ..At first I was not at all confirmed about the result...The kind of session and the quality of thoughts which MA'AM provide are more than sufficient to sail through any condition of life ..Be it career or relationship or money...SHE is a soul doctor...After my session got completed I found a new and updated version of myself....Many myths of mine were busted too regarding the human behaviour which now I use for my betterment to tackle some of the rigid situations of life without draining any energy...Her life lessons are worth following all the way long...thank you maam...And I am still awaiting to attend your other classes too...I wish you all the good luck ..Once again thanks a lot ..MA'AM you are THE LIFE COACH.
Gaurav Jambhulkar
Everybody is given a chance by the Universe to heal themselves, if they are receptive enough to do so then this is definitely the place for it. I had a wonderful experience, it was an awesome work by Deepshikha who gave me such wonderful tools to change my life...just go for it.
Debmalya Sengupta



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